Monday, December 19, 2011

Long time!

Its been way too long since my last update! Just got done with my first semester at CSU Northridge which was pretty good. Not as good as SJSU but im learning new stuff. Anyways, havent really spent a lot of time on much photoshop painting but here's is some quick stuff that i did recently. Im on Winter Break now, so i want to try and do more updates as much as i can! :)


Friday, July 15, 2011


I think im starting to see progress in my skills. I did a digital still life painting today and when i tried doing the same one a month ago, i couldnt do it. So im glad to see some progress in my skills from all the practice ive been  trying to do. I keep forgetting to update with my work whenever i get a piece finished, so here is a couple that ive done since last time. I think im going to try and do some more still life paintings or paint from reference, because i think ive kind of hit a plateau with the painting out of my head and i need more drawing mileage from life. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally got some inspiration!

So ive been having a hard time getting that inspiration to draw lately. but yesterday i got that spark and i went with it! I was looking at Goro Fujita's paintings and i was just blown away...again. lol His stuff is always so inspiring and i love his style. So yesterday i did two paintings with his style in the back of my mind and tried to approach my paintings in a way that maybe he would? it was super fun and i think im going to try n do a bunch of these like Goro does. :)

Top of the World
                                                              Under The Stars

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slackin' on the Update

   I've been pretty behind on updating this with my work. Its not that I'm not doing something every day, i just forget to post it on here. I've also been putting together some portfolio stuff and a lot of the work that i did the past week is going to be in it. 
    I've also been trying some new stuff with creating characters in photoshop and correcting photos like they do in magazines.It's definitely a lot of fun. What I do is take a portrait and then I look and see what kind of creature i can think of to turn the person into Two of the ones that i did were animals. One was a girl that i turned into an owl type creature and the other was a jaguar.I did a couple other ones of demon like characters and stuff too which were pretty cool. Anyways, you can see all my past weeks work below! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Paintings!

These are some of the paintings from the past couple days. I think im getting a lot better at this. im really starting to get closer to painting what i see and using all the things ive learned in the years at SJSU. I think its all coming together now,Especially the more i paint.. The portrait of Marilyn Monroe took me a little less than a day and half.. it was difficult to get the likeness of her, but i was pushing myself to not stop until i got the result i was looking for.  Overall, i had a good time painting these and i hope i continue to get better as i do more of these!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lots of painting today!

This first one is a painting that came from a random blob that i put on the page and then tried to make something from it. Its a helpful tip that i learned from trying to create random compositions for the forest paintings in 113B. It ended up becoming this Ocean like cove.  it was also a cool experiment with a really tall composition. Pretty fun! i want to try more with those dimensions.

This one was another one that i did today and it ended up being SUPER COOL! Originally i thought it was going to kind of hard to do this one because im not really sure how to paint fur or hair but i then i remembered that if i just squint and try to get the right shapes and edges it wont matter. I think it was also successful because i approached this with a differnt mindset. The entire time i never was thinking of this as painting a Lion or anything. I was painting the values and what i saw and that is what i think i need to take from this and apply it to everything else that i paint. It's someting John Clapp would always talk about but i dont think i ever really understood exactly what he was talking about til now i guess? lol

Tried something different

So this painting, i did something different.The idea was from princess and the frog still but my approach and subject matter was different. I actually went into Maya and made a very basic building model ( shown in the bottom picture) and then went in on photoshop and painted over it. So its a matte painting in a way i guess? It was kind of cool to do it this way. It was a shortcut to drawing all the perspective and everything out and helped me have a basic structure for perspective. Anyways, it was fun, and i think i might try something similar  later on?